Santos RP Official Rules

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Santos RP Official Rules

Post by Elyk(Felipe) on Sat May 04, 2013 3:10 pm

1. Do not Metagame (MG)
- Metagaming is using Out of Character information In Character.
* Example 1: Finding out a location via PM or /b (Any OOC chat) and going there.
* Example 2: Finding someone's name by looking at the nametag above their head.

2. Do not Powergame (PG)
- Powergaming is forcing Roleplay on another player or giving yourself inhuman capabilities.
* Example 1: /me punches the man, knocking him out. <- Not allowed
* Example 2: /me picks up the car and throws it. <- Not allowed

3. Do not Deathmatch (DM)
- Deathmatching is killing another player without a valid Roleplay reason.
* Example 1: Shooting someone on the side of the street when they did nothing.
* Example 2: Killing someone because they called you a name or looked at you funny.

4. Do not use third party mods (AKA Hacking)
- Any form of mod to give you an advantage is hacking.
* Example 1: Flying, running fast, etc.

5. Do not Revenge Kill (RK)
- Revenge killing is killing somebody after you have died. The RP is over once one has died.
* Example: Dying from someone, coming back from the hospital and killing them.

6. Robberies are allowed with a few rules.
- Both players must be level three and you are only allowed to take up to a thousand (1000) dollars.

7. Scams are allowed with a few rules.
- Both players must be level ten and you are allowed to take up to fifty thousand. (50000) dollars.

8. Do not heal during a fight.
- If you are in a shootout or fist fight, do not run and buy armor or food.

9. Do not Bunnyhop (BH)
- Bunnyhopping is jumping rapidly to move faster.

10. Do not ninjajack (NJ)
- You must Roleplay stealing a car via /me's and /do's. You cannot just hit ENTER.

11. Do not use abbrievations In Character.
- You must spell everything out if you are talking In Character.

12. Do not insult players Out of Character.
- Calling someone a name in either of the OOC chats that someone finds offensive is strictly prohibited.

13. English only.
- You must speak English only on the server when it comes to In Character. You are allowed to speak another language in PM between you and a friend.

14. No spamming of the chat in any way.

15. No fully capitalized sentences In Character

16. Do not driveby from the driver's window.
- Do not lean out of the window if you are driving the car.

17. Please do not PM staff for anything, there is a /atalk and /report.

18. Any sexual roleplay requires OOC consent from the other person.
- Anything sexual, must have proof of the other side saying you are allowed to perform these actions.

19. Do not break a rule because someone else did.
- You should /report someone, not do something to get even.

20. Do not /q or suicide during RP
- If you do this, you will be CK'd and possibly Ajailed. A CK will take all your belongings leaving you with 2,500 dollars.

21. Do not bait anyone.
- Baiting is doing something for the sole purpose of active RP.
* Example 1: /s Hey, fat ass pigs! Fuck the police!
* Example 2: *Walking up to some random person or enemy gang* /s Fuck you all, you are all pussies!

22. Terrorist factions or any racist organizations require admin approval.

23. You are not allowed to share accounts or transfer without admin approval.

24. Advertisement rules:
A: You must not put any OOC in your advertisement.
B: You may not put any illegal items in your advertisement.

25. City hall and bank robberies require admin permission.

26. Do not abuse bike physics.
- Do not tap on a motorbike or jump on the pedal bikes, this is against the rules.

27. No crime zones:
Los Santos Airport
All Saints Hospital

28. You are not allowed to vehicle surf, ride in the passenger seats or trunk.

29. No celebrity or famous names.

30. You are not allowed to RP a hitman.

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